Sometimes I wonder if I am obsessed with a fantasy, I know when I get caught up in my dream of being in a D/s relationship I can make the scenes in my mind very real and I can feel how my body reacts. The endorphins start flowing and I’m hard or I am feeling the sensations flowing across my skin and when I start to masturbate and imagine being done or responding to the Goddess in my mind, my body can just rush with the intensity of the feelings. It’s addicting.

One of my fetishes is Femdom hypnosis and some of the Ladies out there are very good and while sinking into trance they can take you for quite a ride if you are willing to let go and surrender in the trance and feel and do all they command. Still it is just a trance and you are in control and all they are is simply guides. Still the feelings can linger and when you add in the repetitive elements and conditioning going on from multiple listens and implanting triggers, you can have one hell of a scene in your mind and the lingering euphoria over the days can be very pleasant.

Is this world of BDSM simply a place where some can bring their fantasies to life with willing partners. The sub gets to fly in subspace or experience pain, be teased and denied or what ever their fetish is and the endorphins are flowing. The Domme/Master gets their dominant high as well from being in control during a scene.

I can get just as caught up in imagining being in a D/s relationship playing house and serving and pleasing my Goddess as I can with imagining a scene the sex. Yet I notice with one the sensations center around my body and sex, while with the other they come from my heart, and they both feel very good and damn the feelings can be intense.

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