I can get so impatient at times when I get interested in learning something new and I want to put all my attention on what I am learning and I can let other areas of my life slide. Hey, patience Rome wasn’t built in a day, one day at a time. Little steps and actions will get me where I want to go, all I need to do is set my intention for the day and be focused on where I want to go and how I desire to see myself the rest will follow.

Where will this road go?

I have started a new chapter  in my book of life; what will I write on these pages of days? Who do I desire to become? What experiences do I want? Who do I want to know? Who do I want in my life?

A time of reflection in the desert of solitude,
time enough to allow the sun to burn me clean,
so my spirit may soar.

Time to clear the debris and sort through what is important to me.

I touch my dream in this time and think of how She touched my soul.

Gently did she caress me and all became unraveled,
the veils falling away clearing my vision and it is with my heart I see.

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