Dark Desires

I see myself on a spiritual path, living a life of integrity and values and deep inside the darkness calls and when I think about what I want someone to do to me, I wonder. LOL

Hey, maybe I’m just kinky as hell and my inner kinkster is emerging. LOL  No, there is no maybe, I am kinky I just never had the chance to play with this part of me.

Sometimes one of my fantasies is to be bound in some fashion or kneeling for my Goddess as She pierces me with needles and I want to see Her face, Her eyes as She pushes the needles into my flesh. I want Her to see my trust, my fear and I wonder if I can touch Her soul through Her eyes.

The darkness stirs, it wants to be released and free.

I once read to grow spiritually one must explore the light and the darkness within. True freedom comes when one accepts their nature, I will not hide who I am.

I will not die that slow death or allow anyone to define me ever again.

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