I hate drama and drama Queens and I started to laugh a bit when I realized over the last two years I have a very big drama going on in my life the end of my marriage. I also know I needed to go through the process to get to where I am today, I needed to know I had done everything I could in my heart and soul. I don’t know how many times I told my wife I was leaving and the marriage was over and then I would change my mind, because I wanted to try one more time to see if we could make it work. I would get angry with myself after I changed my mind, because deep down in my heart I knew she was not going to change. Love does strange things to a person, I wanted to be rational and clear headed and the feelings kept taking over.

I’m glad it is over with I learned alot about myself and what I desire in relationship.

A few days ago I realized how good it felt to say no, I said no to the woman I loved and saw as my Goddess, the woman I was devoted to. I walked away, because I want something better in my life.

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