I Need To Slow Down

I started looking at the paperwork to move the divorce along and that brought up some anger. I got into a lot of why questions and saw where I was going and stopped. I have been realizing I wanted out of the relationship of years, but I thought if I was patient things would change. ~lol~

I also realized I am into kink and have been for a while I just have not had the opportunity and a willing partner to explore.

I have way too much going on right now in major areas of my life and I need to slow down and be at peace with myself and centered. I’m holding fire in my mind and body and I need to bring in the other elements.

What are my rules and values? I have a year to figure it out, I have a pretty good idea already. Who do I want to become? What new identity do I desire to try on and live for the next few chapters of my life?

I like what I am reading in the Fetlife groups, it has become a good resource and I have asked some questions and been told I am on the mark with what I am doing. I love my submissive nature it brings me peace and now I can grow into it even more fully. There is no rush to jump into the deep end of the pool of BDSM at the moment and get overwhelmed.

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