My Reality Has Been Shaken

My path is important to me and it has led me to many places in my life and within myself. And now I find myself here exploring a dark and beautiful world.

I have been making the effort to educate myself to understand what I have been feeling all my life and have finally found a label which makes sense to me. I can see the threads in my life where my submissive nature longed to be fed, the intense desire I have for deep intimate connections. The hunger I feel is all encompassing, it drives me to learn, to explore, to feel this life and all its sensations, to have someone play this instrument that is my body and to feel the music as they play with me, to connect with someone to serve and be devoted.

It is like everything is falling apart and coming together at the same time.

Someone told me one cannot submit in a vacumn they were wrong, you can, you just don’t get what you want, but you can still give.


4 Responses to “My Reality Has Been Shaken”

  1. Funny how life works that way…

  2. kajiradreams Says:

    Submission is something innate that drives us, a compulsion that we are incomplete without and driven to fulfill. It is innate in our nature and something we can try to fight against as much as we can, but it will still be there, deep and hidden and unfulfilled.

    Submisssion can occur in a vacum, it can occur in whatever place our life is at currently. It is a compulsion deep within us and needing a Master to recognise, bring out, tease and fulfil.

    submission isn’t the gift though….. Mastery is…

    be well.

    • naturallysubmissive Says:

      Thank you.

      In my meditations I see I need to slow down, go within and allow the initial intensity of discovery run its course.


      • kajiradreams Says:

        Good luck on the journey inward.
        Although worthwhile, it is not always easy or pleasant.

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