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I’m keeping things very simple at the moment, I’m letting go of all my thoughts and allowing my feelings to flow. I like the peace and centeredness I am experiencing.


Detach With Love

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Sometimes I care too much about people that are close to me and I can make myself nuts, being overly concerned. I hurt myself when I do this.  I can care and say what needs to be said then I need to let go.

Punishment A Lesson Learned

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Banishing a submissive is probably the most effective punishment a dominant can give. I know the last month was hard not being able to talk with my Domme. I had to take a look at my neediness and center within myself. I wondered every now and then how my Domme was doing and if I had hurt her, by my actions. Yesterday I had told one of my Domme friends that my banishment was over and she told me how the Domme is also hurt by giving the punishment to the submissive. I’ve been banish 3 times since I have been with my Domme the first two times were for a week and I sulked both times and I did not even think how my Domme would be affected, this time I was banished for a month. When we got back together we talked for a long time. I do not ever want to hurt her because of my actions or behavior. I know she missed me and wanted to reach out, but she needs to be consistent when she punishes me.

I did have time to reflect and think through why I did what I did and why I need to better manage my emotions, when I am upset.

My Banishment Has Ended

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I’m happy, I spoke to Goddess today and we had a very long talk, we spoke about the rules I have now and She has given me a great deal of freedom to explore, She is very much appreciated.

The last month has been very good for me, it gave me time to reflect on many things. I have found an incredible peace within and a connection to myself.  Journaling and meditating daily have been very helpful.

Surrender is my big word at the moment, surrender it all.

Energy, Grounding and at Peace

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I found a few article on ‘submissive mythology’ and ‘submissive emergence’ the threads that the author discussed were very interesting, I saw so many of the patterns of my life in her articles.

I keep noticing how I am grounding and how energy is moving through me, with each day I feel a stillness within and my thoughts keep slowing down. I can get lost in this moment as I breath, the flow of energy runs right through me to the center of the earth.

I’m at peace today.

At Peace

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I like where I am at today and even this now moment. I keep noticing that I am slowing down and not rushing anything, everything will unfold in its own time. I know something is happening I am noticing during my interactions with people that where I would normally interject a few comments, that I am holding back. Funny how I do not want to impress anyone or seek their approval and that has been a big deal, look at me see how smart I am.

I came across a new grounding meditation and I like how I am feeling and the flow of energy.